Learning Skills

Learning Skills and Work Habits

The Ministry of Education outlines six learning skill categories which are reported on in the November Progress Report, and in the February and June Report Cards. Establishing solid work habits will positively affect each child’s overall academic success.

The following section shows the six learning skills and the statements that are being used to describe each learning skill to the students. These statements are listed on anchor charts posted in our classroom.


To show responsibility:

  • I can be respectful towards myself and others.
  • I can take responsibility for my actions.
  • I can listen attentively to my teachers and peers.
  • I can follow class and school rules and routines.
  • I can take care of my things and class materials.
  • I can make good choices.


When completing independent work,

  • I can listen and follow instructions.
  • I can start my work right away.
  • I can focus on my work.
  • I can use my time well to complete tasks.
  • I can try to solve small problems on my own.


To show initiative,

  • I can participate and try new things.
  • I can be curious and ask questions to help me learn.
  • I can try my best when faced with challenges.
  • I can have a positive attitude.


To show organization,

  • I can use my time carefully to complete my work on time.
  • I can do my neatest work.
  • I can use learning materials appropriately.
  • I can keep my area tidy.


When working with others,

  • I can use polite and encouraging words.
  • I can take turns listening to others and sharing my ideas.
  • I can cooperate with others during group tasks.
  • I can be kind and caring.


To demonstrate self-regulation,

  • I can check my work before handing it in.
  • I can use co-created success criteria and class anchor charts to improve my work.
  • I can ask a friend or teacher for help when I need it.
  • I can use feedback from the teacher to improve my work.
  • I can set goals to help me make improvements to my learning.

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