Enrichment Tasks

Term 1:

Grade 6 – Monthly TED Talks – see sheet for due dates

Once a month, students will investigate, listen, analyze and respond to a Ted Talk of interest. They will demonstrate learning by completing three tasks:

FIRST TASK: Students will watch and listen to a specific Ted Talk and then prepare a response/summary to their oral listening.

SECOND TASK: Students will then plan their own Ted Talk lesson. Students will using the SCAMPER model to brainstorm ideas and formulate questions.

THIRD TASK: Students will present a Ted Talk of their own to the class.

Grade 6 – Current News Events Scrapbook – see sheet for due dates

Using print, online news stations, television, radio, and podcasts, students will investigate three current events relating to Canada and the Global Community to create a Year in Review product that appeals to his or her Multiple Intelligences (e.g., blog, webpage, Prezi, scrapbook).