Grade 6 Social Studies – Term 1

Canada’s Interactions with the Global Community.

The BIG Idea: The world is interconnected and interdependent. What we do in Canada, has an impact around the world.

While there are about 196 different countries in the world, there is only ONE planet. We all share this planet. Canada is a country but it is also a member of the greater global community.  As a country, we not only have a responsibility to care for and protect our own land and its’ citizens but also to care for and protect the land and citizens around the globe as well. For instance, protecting the environment is an issue that involves all citizens of the world.

Canada and Canadians are connected to world in several ways:

1. Through our economy (trade)

2. As activists inspiring positive changes (environment, equality, human rights, social justice)

3. By providing aid around the world in times of need (natural disasters, economic crisis, social unrest, famine)

4. With our military (war and peacekeeping)

Here are some key questions to consider as we explore this unit:

  1. In what ways is Canada’s economy related to the global economy?
  2. What is Canada’s role and responsibility when there is a natural disaster in the world?
  3. When there is war or civil unrest in other countries, does Canada play a part in restoring peace? How do we do that?
  4. How does Canada participate in the global community to ensure that we do our part to protect the environment? 
  5. What do Canada and Canadians do for other people around the world?  What else can we do?

Human Rights

Malala Yousafzai – Biography

World Food Programs

United Nations Peacekeeping

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

World Health

World Health Organization

Canadian Red Cross

Disaster Aid Canada


Economy and Trade

World Trade Organization

NAFTA – North American Free Trade Organization

Fairtrade Canada

Disaster Relief

Canadian Red Cross

Disaster Aid Canada

Save the Children Canada

Disaster Assistance Response Team – DART

The Environment


Canadian Links:

International Development Project Browser 

Marc and Craig Kielburger – WE Organizers

Liberals Commit $450M, up to 600 troops to UN peacekeeping missions

Getting Syrians here was easy. Now comes the hard part

Save the Children

Joe Fresh continuing garment business in Bangladesh in year after tragedy




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