Grade 6 Social Studies – Term 2

Students will investigate and research Canada’s communities, both past and present to further their understanding of Canadian heritage and identity.

Students can understand more about Canadian culture and heritage today by understanding who some of Canadians’ ancestors are, and how they settled Canada.

Typical Inquiry Questions:

When and why did people choose to come to Canada?

How did they interact with the communities of people, both Aboriginal and immigrant, already living here?

What traditions and beliefs did these different communities bring and share?

By the end of this unit, you should be able to tell the story of at least two historical and contemporary communities in Canada.

Most of the research we will be doing for this unit will take place at the The Kids’ Site of Canadian Settlement.

The culminating task for this unit will be an essay that will require you to discuss the experiences of two groups that either had a very similar experiences and reasons for settling in Canada or a completely different reasons and experiences from each other.

The groups we will be learning about are: 

Download this GRAPHIC ORGANIZER to help you get started! Don’t forget to save it in your Home Drive or to upload it to Google Drive.

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Students will be exploring the concept of immigration and how has it shaped our classroom and community. Immigration is leaving one country to come and live permanently in this country. European settlers were some of the first people to immigrate to Canada. As time passed, people from all around the world were slowly allowed to immigrate to Canada. These people began to make up many of the settlement communities we have explored in our research. Many of our own family members have immigrated to this country from another land.

Our community has greatly been influenced by both recent and historical immigrants, just look at the diversity in our classroom! We will investigate the reasons why individuals may choose or are forced to leave their homeland for a new land. Through this exploration, it is my hope that you develop empathy by understanding the challenges new immigrants face in adjusting to life in their new land.

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