TED-Ed Lesson #3

Creating a Presentation of your New TED Ed Lesson

Learning Goal: Students will use active listening skills in oral communication to demonstrate learning. Students will also use the SCAMPER brainstorm model to brainstorm & research a lesson of their own.

Success Criteria: Once a month, students will investigate, listen, analyze and respond to Ted Ed lessons of interest. They will demonstrate learning by completing three tasks:

FIRST TASK: Watch TED-Ed lessons of your choice. Select one you find interesting. Summarize the lesson.

⃞ the title of the lesson
⃞ the author of the lesson
⃞ a summary of the podcast (half page to one page in length)

SECOND TASK: Use the SCAMPER model to re-think the lesson you selected. How could you alter the lesson so as to create a whole new lesson idea? Use the graphic organizer to help you.

S – Substitute, C – Combine, A – Adapt, M – Modify, P – Put to Other Uses, E – Eliminate, R – Reverse

THIRD TASK: Create a presentation (e.g., Google Slides, Prezi, ) that demonstrates your new lesson idea to the class. This lesson is to be a GENERAL lesson, not a step-by-step process.

1st Slide – Name of new product/innovation/lesson idea

2nd Slide – Summary of the new product/innovation/lesson idea

3rd Slide – Purpose of the new product/innovation/lesson idea

4th Slide – Important details to be covered in the TED Ed Lesson

5th Slide – Important materials/props/experts needed to execute the TED Ed Lesson

Due Dates:

December 4th – Gemma, Avalyn, Shashi, Jinali, Kendra, Maddy

December 12th – Keaton, Noel, Marcus, Aramis, Pasandu, Matthew

December 19th – Caleb, Ross, Caden, Catherine, Kiersten, Ella

December 26th – Zack, Xander, Ben, Nathan, Jackson