Grade 7 – Eric Walters Biography Informative Writing Piece Due Wednesday November 30th

Students are to write a 500–700 word essay (informative writing piece) on Eric Walters. A biographical essay should have the following characteristics:

Beginning (introduction)

  • a thesis statement that states a specific idea about the subject’s life and achievements

Middle (details)

  • a chronological  account of major events in the subject’s life
  • a description of the subject’s key character traits

Closing (current life & philanthropy)

Consider adding 1-2 pictures and/or subheadings in your piece to make it clear and chronological. Subheadings to consider are:

  • Introduction
  • Childhood
  • Family Life
  • Careers
  • Writing Topics & Awards
  • Current Life & Philanthropy

Please click here for a graphic organizer you can use to help you plan your writing.



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