Student Start Up Packages

Hello families! Your students were given start up packages on Tuesday September 4th. Please send the completed and signed paperwork in with your student by Friday September 17th.


Ms. Machado


Welcome to 6/7G!

Virtually everything students need for success at school will be available here in class. Most items, like scissors, rulers, and pencil crayons will be shared in the classroom. However, knowing that many students like to have their own personalized materials, here is a list of personal supplies students may want to purchase:

– 1 ½ ” binder for Math

– 1 ½ ” binder for Language (this could be combined with Math using a 2” binder)

– 1” binder for Science (rotary class taught by Mr. Chan)

– a combination lock for your locker

– 1 package of #2 HB pencils

– 1 package of blue or black pens

– erasers

– a glue stick

– highlighters

– pencil crayons

– markers

– a thin black fine tip marker (for art lessons)

– a basic calculator

– a protractor

– a compass

– a ruler (30 cm)

– a pair of scissors

– an enclosed pencil sharpener

Thank you in advance!

Ms. J. Machado